Contrologic is total solution provider over 30 years.


Contrologic has a team of engineers to provide consultation and details of system design,so we are capable of handling from small to large project.


Reducing emissions of harmful pollutants, especially carbon, is a major concern for all industries. We explain how gas analysis helps to make processes cleaner and more efficient, helping plant operators to meet their emission reduction goals.


MFC5150x Intrinsically Safe, HART® Communicator

Our Solutions

Analyzer System

With our multidisciplinary knowledge and long term experience, we provide a modern and sustainable s…


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has become increasingly more demand in this rapidly changin…

Our Services

Aftersales Service

After-sales service whereby training, supervision and repair for represented product. We provides after-sales service for experienced product associated with training and repair according to client’s specific needs.

Service Contract

We have qualified engineering team to provide annual service contract for specific analyzers and company represented product including other instruments that need special maintenance in order to reach optimum specification and customers’ satisfaction.

Shutdown Maintenance

Contrologic provides site maintenance team to handle shutdown maintenance activities in order to achieve Plant Safety, Integrity and Reliability at Optimized Maintenance Budget 

Commissioning & Start Up

Test and modification to optimization of the software. Therefore this eliminates the risk of damaging machines or system parts.

Calibration Service

Calibrate your measuring tools according to international standards. The calibration of tools in the laboratory that has been certified by the standard system of the Thai Industrial Standards Institute. 
Over 30 years, we strongly built the good relationship with our loyalty customer and good construction in the organization. The customer reliability and trust is kindly given which is our pleasure.

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CANTY High Temperature Camera

In most heating processes, it is necessary to detect images and anomalies both thermal and visual in real time such as monitoring the performance of machines in the production system or cleaning perfo…

Refractometer for Alcohol Production Process

Ethanol or ethyl alcohol is a hydrocarbon compound that can be produced by fermentation process. Ethanol production is generally the use of waste materials from industries to produce. It can be divide…

Belt Conveyor Protection

Wire-rope type Emergency Stop Switch Just One Unit Covers a Wide Range of Emergency Actions Ideal Replacement for a Multitude of Emergency-Stop Pushbuttons The PULLSTOP is a switch that is used to sto…

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